Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH

COATEMA stands for high quality coating and laminating plants. From product development to the commissioning, coating and laminating lines are offered as lab plants or production plants, for all sizes from DIN A4 to working widths of 5.400 mm, for products from the areas of textiles, paper, foil, nanotechnologies, film, solar cells, fuel cells, batteries, medical applications, glass, and single aggregates or turn-key production plants. All substrates and the most different chemicals can be operated continuously or discontinuously on COATEMA plants. COATEMA is also leading as supplier of variable multifunction coating plants with many economic advantages (e.g. the modular Click & Coat system). From its long-time practical experience, COATEMA knows the particularities and requirements of a large number of industries and markets. COATEMA does its own R&D in important application fields, holds patents for pioneering solutions and has been awarded several times with innovation prizes for it. The company cooperates with universities and research institutes, its owner and associates publish reference books and international professional articles. As trustworthy and competent spin doctor and technology partner, COATEMA cares for a product success from the product idea to the full-production run and holds ready a methodically and plant specific instrument, which is technically mature, for development processes. Many technologies are at the project’s disposal as lab and pilot versions in the presently largest R&D Centre worldwide. Therefore constant production parameters and production quality for all stages of development can be achieved - from the product test and the pre-marketing to the full-production run. Because of its capacity, the possibilities of using the R&D Centre range from fundamental research up to smallest series as well as real production conditions.


Regina Reuscher
Roseller Str. 4
41539 Dormagen