Dolomite Centre Ltd.

Dolomite is a world leader in microfluidic applications. They work with instrument manufacturers around the world providing the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices and microfluidic based instruments and systems. The company was formed to bring together experts in microfluidics, automated flow-chemistry, instrument design and product development and has its headquarters in Royston (near Cambridge) UK. Dolomite is a part of the Syrris Group, an established leader in the development of scientific instrumentation. In recognition of Dolomite's excellence in this field, in 2005 Dolomite won funding from the UK Department of Trade and Industry's Micro and Nano Technology (MNT) Manufacturing Initiative. This £2m ($4m) funding allowed Dolomite to establish excellent micro fabrication facilities with clean rooms, precision glass processing facilities and applications laboratories. In addition to this, Dolomite has quality engineering staff with strong backgrounds in sciences such as biotechnology and bioinstrumentation.


Mark Gilligan
27 Jarman Way
SG8 5HW Royston
United Kingdom