Global Innovation Network Oy

Global Innovation Network Ltd. (GIN) started its operations in 2010. GIN operates in three different business areas: water purification, oil spill management and diagnostics. Diagnostics solutions are developed for automated manufacturing and assembly processes of Point of Care diagnostic devices and tests and other diagnostic devices. We apply latest technological achievements in practical easy to use and affordable solutions.

GIN develops, sells and markets the CleanTech products. CleanTech product family contains CleanWater (IISI) and CleanOil products. CleanWater contains concept and the products which are planned for the sparsely populated regions of households, communities, institutions and companies wastewater treatment needs. CleanOil products are designed for oil destruction and cleaning. Our head office and manufacturing site are located in Oulunsalo, Finland. Our 100% owned subsidiaries  (Green Rock Oy and Green Rock Sverige AB) are located in Finland and also in Sweden.  We have distributors in UK and Russia. About 50% of turnover comes from export and we are looking for strong growth in export and diagnostics business sector. The GIN management group is consisting of professionals each having over 25 years industry experience from automation, diagnostics, financing, printable electronics, microfluidics industry. GIN is owned by acting management and JOT Automation Ltd. (24%).


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