Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT

The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT (Fraunhofer IPT) is part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft e.V. (FhG) which is a link between scientific research and industrial applications. Founded in Munich 1949 FhG is an autonomous organisation with a decentralised organisational structure and the administrative headquarter in Munich. The 58 legally non-independent research institutes operate from different locations throughout Germany employing a staff of approximately 13.000, with the majority being qualified scientists and engineers at an annual research budget of about one billion Euros. Today FhG is the leading organisation of institutes of applied research and development in Europe.The Fraunhofer IPT in Aachen was founded in 1980 with the mission of conducting application-oriented research and development. The Institute offers a work space of 6000 m², from which 3500 m² are designated for the shop floor and laboratory facilities, where state-of-the- art projects are developed. The structure of the Fraunhofer IPT offers solutions to highly specific problems as well as problems that require integrated system-wide solutions. This is done by combining interdisciplinary contributions from the fields of process technology, machine and control components, metrology, quality management, technology planning and organisation. More than 50% of the institute’s budget is covered directly from projects with the industry, especially with small and medium-sized enterprises. The main research and development field is production technology, which encompasses the design and optimisation of manufacturing machines as well as processes aiming at improved levels of performance as well as higher standards of quality and taking into account human and environment-related aspects.


Christoph Baum
Steinbachstr. 17
52074 Aachen