Institut Químic de Sarrià-Universitat Ramon Llull

Grup d'Enginyeria de Materials (GEMAT) of the Institut Químic de Sarrià, is an entity recognized by the Ramon Llull University, and by the Generalitat de Catalunya, a member of the Xarxa de Centres de Suport a la Innovació TEconològica (XIT ) CIDEM (since 1996). Grup d'Enginyeria de Materials was founded (at that time as a Laboratory of Materials Science) in 1994 intention of provide a research service to the faculty area of knowledge of materials science. From the first time all their efforts were directed toward the field of polymeric materials, especially elastomers, conductive polymers and surface treatment. During this time has tried to maintain a balance between basic and applied research, and further, different areas have been consolidated research group, especially those related to bioengineering. In 2001 also began the first thesis within the group within the area of biomaterials. Since then the group has sought to enhance the transdisciplinarity of research collaboration with various groups with experience in the field of cell biology and tissue engineering and obtaining bioactive surfaces, an area where the project is framed. As a result of this collaboration has enhanced the Group's participation at European level with the implementation of two European projects within the 5th Framework Program, and for within the VI Framework Program. In addition the Group has participated as a founding partner of the EU Platform for Nanomedicine and a member of the Spanish Nanomedicine Platform.