Microsharp Innovation

Microsharp Innovation is a highly innovative dynamic company. Its activities are on developing micro and nano structures in applications of display, lighting, medical, solar, defence and security industries. Its technology and products are based on micro optics and optical films produced by roll-to roll and batch UV curing embossing process.  The production expertise and capability enables Microsharp Innovation to provide volume film production and customer film trials.

Microsharp Innovation’s high precision continuous production process uses UV curing of specially formulated polymer resins on a variety of plastic substrates. Precision micro and nano structured moulds are used to emboss a wide variety of optical functional surfaces from nanostructures, through diffractive to refractive and reflective microstructures. Microsharp Innovation has expertise in all stages of the production process from design of optical structures and systems, formulation of specific UV curable resins, through precision tooling to film production and testing.


Dr. Zhixin Li
10 McCabe Place
Oxford, OX3 0LQ
United Kingdom